Modesto Landscaping Services


Aguiar’s Landscaping Services – Modesto, California


Residential Landscaping and Maintenance

Are you looking for a monthly maintenance service to upkeep your personal residence? Aguiar’s Landscaping has been in the industry for over 17 years and has the knowledge, expertise and professionalism you are looking for. We’ll work with you tackle your biggest landscaping projects all while making sure your residence looks the best in the neighborhood, month after month!

Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance

We offer commercial landscape maintenance to any business who is looking to stand out among the competition! We’ll help you take on any changes or enhancements you want to make around your business landscape and ensure that your current and future customers see a clean and professional look every time they visit or drive by!

Industrial Landscaping and Maintenance

Do you own or manage an industrial building and want to give your landscaping that professional touch? We work with Fortune 500 companies such as International Paper Co., Dodge, to landscape and maintain their properties. Let us help you take your industrial landscaping and maintenance to the next level!

Lawn Maintenance, Installation and Repairs

Your lawn will definitely require some some special attention, especially after the wet, cold winters and the hot & dry summers. We will help analyze the current condition of your turf and even recommend cost-effective methods of fixing it. The repair services that we do include Power Raking, Liming, Moss Control Application, Core Aeration, Topdressing, Fertilization and Over-seeding. Better yet, we can provide you with new turf installation to give you the instant lawn you have been dreaming of!

Lawn Bed Fertilization

Coming soon

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Do you want to put a new tree in for some needed shade or finish off your backyard with a colorful accent of shrubs? Whatever the case may be, we will use our years of experience to guarantee your tree and shrubs grow strong, healthy and grow their best.

Tree and Hedge Trimming

If you have some hedges that need trimming, we can help. From laurels to cedars, we offer pruning services to keep the areas around your home looking clean and professional. If you require pruning on trees bigger than we can handle, rest assured we will team up with local, certified arborists to get the work done right.

Routine Clean Ups

The garden usually needs a little routine sprucing or tidying up every season. We guarantee you the best services no matter the time of year. We do cleanups like pruning of shrubs, mulch installation and tree and hedges pruning.

Sprinkler Repairs, Maintenance and Installation

Your sprinklers are a pivotal part of your landscaping looking the way it was intended to – green and lush! We specialize in sprinkler installation for those properties that may not have a current system or are in need of an upgrade. After installation, sprinkler system maintenance and repairs are always included when our customers opt in for monthly maintenance services.

Seasonal Flower Enhancement

We all love the look of vibrant, colorful flowers around our homes! Each season brings a new set of possibilities and at Aguiar’s Landscaping we can work with you to bring in the color and vibrance you have been looking for.

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Your property may look amazing during the day, but is it really getting the ‘WOW’ factor at night that it deserves? Whether its a personal residence or business, landscape lighting can really set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for friends and family or customers. Not only will we design the perfect lighting layout for your specific property, but we’ll install and make sure the finished product is everything you had envisioned!