Industrial Landscaping


Modesto Industrial Landscaping Services

A beautiful outdoor no doubt provides an amazing look to your company. Aguiar’s Landscaping will not only enhance the attraction and the charm of your workplace but also help your business become even more appealing to customers. We have been offering industrial landscaping services to many companies for over twenty years and we can get your landscape designed as well as maintained in a professional manner.

Landscape Maintenance

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools that enable us to provide professional landscaping services to our esteemed clients. Depending on your needs and budget, we can schedule our maintenance around your needs. Our maintenance services include:




Weed Control


We maintain lawns and gardens of top companies such as Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Dodge and ABC Supply Co. who will readily testify to our exceptional service delivery and high standards of professionalism.


We’ll work with our partners and you to create the perfect landscape design for your building.


You can trust in our high level of irrigation knowledge to ably take care of all your irrigation requirements which include maintenance, renovations and installations. We make old systems work as new ones through the use of more efficient products and in the process save you both time and money.

Landscape Renovations

The truth of the matter is that landscaping won’t last forever. Over time, plants will grow large and unsightly. We can design for you a new landscaping plan by using both new and your existing plants to give your company the refreshing look that it deserves. The end product is an exceptionally designed building that is able to attract even more customers.

Benefits of Industrial Landscaping

Attract More Clients

Modesto industrial landscaping can create a beautiful surrounding that is very well taken care of. This will give a very good first impression about your business as potential clients will see your company as a proactive one. It also shows that your organization cares about the small details and potential customers will get the idea that you also care about them in the same way you care about your business. This all gives you an advantage over your less caring competitors!

Shows Your Business Cares About The Environment

If you opt for industrial landscaping, you are showing to the world that you care about eco-friendliness. Today, there is widespread consciousness about being environmentally friendly and people are seeing it as very important aspect, even in business. People will see you as a environmentally caring company which will not only help you attract more customers but also produce happier employees.

Increased Productivity

Industrial landscaping creates natural surroundings by using plants and trees and psychologists believe that such an environment increases worker productivity. Employees become both more efficient as well as effective at things that they do. Also, if employees are surrounded by natural environments, they tend to be healthier and therefore are less likely to call in to work because of illness.

Industrial Landscaping Reduces Crime

In a California study, businesses that have beautiful planted gardens tend to have a lower risk of crime on their grounds. A business that is taken care of properly gives the impression that it is also properly protected which keeps away intruders as they fear being spotted. The result is that there will be fewer instances of crime in and around your business.

Whatever Your Need, We Are Equal To The Task

We have equipment and tools for any landscaping project that you may require. We have an aggressive maintenance schedule that ensures that at all times our equipment is in proper condition and ready. Our landscaping crew is always ready to make any changes that need to be made –  right away. Whether you require a cleanup, you needs trees pruned in your parking lot or you want emergency irrigation repair, we are flexible enough to deal with whatever you need done. Not only is our crew highly trained, but we are licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry should anything go amiss. We guarantee that we won’t let you down. You can trust us completely with all your Modesto industrial landscaping needs.