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Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance in Modesto, CA

Are you looking for the best landscapers in Modesto, Ca who can install or repair your sprinkler system? Sprinklers offer a lot of convenience to gardening and your surrounding landscape. A sprinkler system saves the home owner or business from having to manually ensure the property is getting adequate water for beautiful greenery. Although a sprinkler system takes a significant burden off your shoulders when it comes to watering your landscape, it requires regular, proper maintenance to remain effective and efficient. At Aguiar’s Landscaping we will routinely handle all your sprinkler maintenance with highest quality products and tools. We also offer Modesto sprinkler repair and installation for those properties which may not have an existing system!

Benefits of Sprinkler Maintenance

  • Reduce Water Inefficiency
    One of the primary benefits of having a sprinkler system is that it introduces water efficiency in landscaping and gardening. Lack of proper maintenance of the sprinkler system, therefore, counteracts this critical benefit. To ensure that the sprinkler system remains efficient with regard to water use, proper maintenance is necessary to eliminate leaks and unclog blockages.
  • Prevent Further Damage to the Sprinkler System
    Some maintenance tasks are so critical that their absence can result in complete deterioration of the sprinkler system. For instance, winterizing your sprinklers ensures that water freezing and expanding in the sprinkler system does not cause cracking and loosening of various components of the sprinkler system.
  • The Better The Sprinkler, The Better Looking The Landscape
    Quite simply, all the vegetation in your landscape requires water to stay alive, vibrant, and beautiful. For this, water is mandatory! The sprinkler system is responsible with performing the critical task of watering your landscape’s vegetation. When the sprinkler does not work well due to neglect, some of the vegetation may dry up for lack of water, while others may not flourish as well due to inadequate water. To get the best from your landscape or home garden, the sprinkler system has to be in top-notch condition. The destruction of your business or residential landscape is not worth the neglect to the sprinkler system!
  • A Well-Maintained Sprinkler System Gives Your Home Or Business Aesthetic Beauty
    All home and business owners want a clean and professional property or garden, and a sprinkler system plays the most important role in this goal. Nobody wants to see a beautiful lawn that is watered by a faulty sprinkler which waters the sidewalks, roadways, and ultimately fails to water the vegetation properly.

When Does A Sprinkler System Require Maintenance Work?

One way that a sprinkler can fall into disrepair is through the owner’s inability to assess its efficiency. Although Aguiar’s Landscaping will do regular checks on your sprinklers to make sure they are working as intended, the following are some tell-tale signs that sprinkler repair is needed or maintenance work may be required. Once you recognize the necessity for any of the following maintenance issues, it is definitely time to contact us for repairs and any other maintenance work that may be required.

  • The Sprinkler Heads Are Blocked
    Obviously blockages in the sprinkler system interfere with the water passage. This can in turn result in some plants not getting watered and ignoring such a problem would result in some of your precious plants getting dehydrated and dying. If you notice any sprinkler heads are blocked, you can try to clear the blockage yourself (most are not that bad) or call us and we will thoroughly diagnose and clear the blockage.
  • When There Are Wet Spots On Your Home Or Business Property
    Most people water their landscapes a few days a week, during which time it is reasonable for your landscape to be wet. However, when there are unjustified wet spots within the landscape, it means that the sprinkler system is leaking due to looseness or breaks. Extended periods of wetness on the lawn or in the flower beds can also lead to an increased number of weeds, therefore requiring proper weed control.
  • Checking For Back-flow In Automatic Sprinklers
    At least one annual check should be done on automatic sprinkler systems, which is often times a legal requirement. Back-flow prevention is an important step in maintaining a sprinkler system.
  • Spring And Summer Sprinkler Maintenance Requirements
    Various seasons bring with them new challenges to the efficiency of sprinkler systems. For instance, the rapid growth of grass and other forms of vegetation in spring can block sprinkler heads and disrupt water flow. In summer, the sprinkler system should be at its highest efficiency level. Consequently, it’s reasonable to assume more general, regular maintenance is necessary during the summer time months.
  • Winterizing the Sprinkler System
    In winter, winterizing the sprinkler system is of utmost importance. This is accomplished by getting rid of all the water in the system using an air compressor, since water left in the system would freeze, expand, and damage the system. The process requires specialized equipment, which is why contracting us is your best bet. Too little pressure could result in poor winterizing while too much pressure could damage the sprinkler system.

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Sprinklers require regular maintenance to ensure they serve their purpose and reduce inefficiency-related costs such as water wastage. Routine maintenance activities such as unclogging sprinkler heads, readjusting sprinkler heads, replacing broken pipes and sprinkler heads, adjusting water pressure, and assembling back-flow prevention mechanisms are regular maintenance tasks, most of which require our professional knowledge. Individual attempts to fix some of these problems might exacerbate the sprinkler system’s problems! As your professional landscaper, we’ll handle all of your sprinkler repair and maintenance needs!