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Modesto Tree Pruning Service

It’s a common fact that the average property owner does not really know when the trees around their home or business need trimming. Apart from the standard reason like improving the trees appearance, there are a number of other benefits you’ll gain by having us prune and maintain your trees when needed.

There are usually four degrees of tree pruning that can be utilized to achieve a certain look or benefit:

  1. Fine Pruning; this is basically the removal of various limbs on a tree in order to improve the trees appearance.
  2. Hazard Pruning; this is the pruning of trees that pose a lot of safely concerns. When branches exceed certain inches in diameter they usually become a concern.
  3. Standard Pruning; this type of pruning involves heavy cutting and is usually done to improve the structure of the tree branches.
  4. Crown Reduction Pruning; this involve the removal of the trees major branches. It is usually done when there is a significant die back. * It’s very important to realize that removal of tree crowns in large numbers is usually devastating to the tree.

It’s crucial to have a professional Modesto Landscaping company do the tree trimming because we have experience in knowing what method of pruning is required for each particular tree. Tree pruning also brings forth a lot of benefits to you use as the home or business owner:

  • Tree trimming generally improves the health condition of your tree. When pruning is done correctly, there will be a removal of various dead branches from the tree. The removal of dead branches ensures that the tree is safe, because there is a possibility that the branch would have decayed, dropped from the tree and potentially harmed an individual or caused property damage.
  • People are always looking to increase the appearance of their homes and businesses not only in the inside, but also around the outside and tree pruning can be a very productive and efficient way to achieve this. By trimming you provide a more efficient structure for your trees and prevent any overlapping of branches, therefore creating a stunning appearance!
  • It’s important that when tree trimming is done we allow circulation of air and the sunlight exposure to hit the leaves on the tree. Poor trimming can lead to death of the tree, that is why it is important to have only professionals with the right equipment conduct any tree trimming around your areas.
  • If you have trees that give off any fruit, it’s important to realize that tree pruning can be of immense benefit to you because proper pruning of trees will lead to the tree’s ability to give higher quality of fruits in terms of size and quantity. Fruit trees also have a specific time that they should be pruned, and this is usually during the later, winter period. By us trimming the tree in the winter, the center of the tree is exposed to sunlight and this eventually leads to a greater quantity and quality of fruit that is produced.
  • Tree pruning should be done on trees that have been recently planted so that they can grow better. Pruning a newly planted tree will compensate for the loss of roots and will give the tree the required shape and structure early to sustain growth in the later years.
  • Tree trimming is also done for a very basic reason – improving your view. Trees might grow to exceptional heights and if they obstruct your view, they can be carefully manicured and trimmed instead of being cut down. Not only may this improve your view, but it is aesthetically pleasing as well.
  • Tree trimming can allow various animals to have easier access to the trees around your property. If you are a lover both flora and fauna, tree trimming can be your way of giving back to nature because it provides a living spot for animals like bird and squirrels.

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It is crucial to realize that every tree has its’ own particular time of trimming and in order to get the desired results, it should also be done with the correct equipment and personnel. Tree trimming can prove to be dangerous if done incorrectly by inexperienced individuals. Aguiar’s Landscaping has extensive know-how and insight into tree pruning and can provide you with everything necessary to getting your trees maintained and under control!