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Our Modesto Weed Control and Management Service

Preventing weed infestations and practicing efficient weed control and management should be a top priority. Whether you’re interested in having us maintain your home or business, it’s important to get rid of any surrounding weeds that may have developed. In doing so, you will be able to ensure that all your trees, plants and grass flourish!

When it comes to weed control and management, we work on three components in order to provide complete protection and prevention from those pesky weeds. These 3 components include exclusion, restriction and destruction. In the content below, we’ll explain how our services can help you get rid of weeds and maintain the curb appeal of your home or business!


Exclusion is the first step we take for effective weed control and management, and it deals with us keeping weeds off your property. In addition to this, we can make sure birds and pests don’t infest your garden or landscape, either. Exclusion process begins with proper analysis of the covered area and finding the weeds possible points of entry. Once all the entry points are properly sealed, all areas are cleaned to ensure that the weeds have nothing to feed on.


As the name suggests, the restriction method focuses on measures that need to be put in place to prevent future infestations of any weeds. This involves putting down fertilizers and laying certain fencing techniques to deter weeds from growing. This process also involves continuous monitoring of the premises so that if weeds do manage to enter your property, they will be unable able to feed on your trees, grass or plants.


The final step taken by us employs elimination. We kill and destroy any stubborn weeds present on your property and this is a crucial step to ensure complete riddance from infestations, and failure to use this step can lead to further infestations and problems. This makes the task more complex and places an importance that all the weeds are caught and destroyed so they don’t breed or multiply in numbers.

How We Can Help

Make sure you speak to us about your concerns dealing with weed control and management. We will be able to provide you with guidance and often can include informing you how to identify and report any heavy weed areas you may see around the property. Understanding where the problem areas are can be vital in allowing us to properly exclude, restrict and then eliminate those areas.

As you can see, weed control and management is an important aspect for every home and business owner who wants to keep their landscaping in top shape. Infestations can cause major headaches when not dealt with and in some cases even health problems. Let us handle this for you! When you hire us, you can be assured that not only you will get rid of your weed problems, it will be done so by professionals who have been maintaining the finest homes and business around Modesto and the central valley for over 17 years.

As one of the best Modesto landscape maintenance companies, we make sure to work on identifying the type of infestation before carrying out any form of treatment. This is a very crucial step as it allows us to use methods suitable for particular types of infestations. Without the correct identification of weeds, appropriate treatment can be overlooked. It’s important to hire an experienced, professional and reputable maintenance company like Aguiar’s Landscaping to handle all your weed control and elimination.

We use only the most advanced and latest equipment to get rid of any weed infestations in all types of properties. We use a wide range of solutions ranging from chemical, natural and organic treatment so that the health and safety of people involved will be unharmed.

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We have been offering weed control and management with our Modesto Landscape maintenance services for over 17 years. Our expertise, professionalism and results has made us one of the most highly sought after landscape maintenance companies in the central valley. Aguiar’s Landscaping provides only the finest customer service where we will provide you with the best options to take care of your weed problems. All our services meet industry standards and our team is looking forward to working with you!